My Thoughts on the Wally Bayola and EB Babe Yosh Sex Scandal

Wally Bayola

For starters, this is my personal opinion. If you want to implicate that I’m endorsing the behavior of the individuals in question, then I suggest you create your own blog and post your opinions about it, too. Morals is not in my agenda for this post… just the unnecessary hype.

Once again, the Filipino people are shocked by something so juvenile as a sex scandal. And before you point out that it’s a big thing… Just because it’s a celebrity in an 8 minute porn, doesn’t make it any different from the porn that has been readily available to everyone through the internet, or your “suking” pirated DVD peddlers in Quiapo.

Early in the morning, my social media accounts have been bombarded with news about the Wally Bayola and EB Babe Yosh’s sex scandal, and in all honesty… for me… I find this news boring. Almost boring to the point that I was having second thoughts on whether I should blog about this or not. I haven’t actually watched the video, so I’ll refrain from commenting on the “quality”, “aesthetics”, “sound”, “plot (if there is any)” and its “degree of difficulty.”

We’ve been treated to the entire Chito and Neri thing for over a month ago, with their someone stole our hard drive bullshit of a reason. So, I think that’s enough celebrity scandals for a year. Hence, I’m gonna make this post short.

Parting note: There is such a thing as double standards (okay, so there’s a bit of moral factor that got through)… Yes, it does exist in reality… and everyone, whether aware or not is guilty of it.  It’s now up to you to decipher what I meant.

And please celebrities, if you plan on making scandals… why not put it up on iTunes? Your scandals will eventually reach the public anyway… why not make it legally downloadable and use the profits to upgrade the quality of your future scandals? Get some background musics of your favorite songs and artists in there, then just call it an art-form.

(I said that I was gonna make this short, but ended up making it a bit longer than I hoped for)


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