Shabu Pa! (One More Shabu, Please…)


This is the place where I had my first job. Our office is located at Taipan Building, and I worked for the sales team. Honestly, I had no idea what an account executive was before. So I didn’t know how to socialize with clients, and I really didn’t know the services that we’re offering. For some people, they would say that I am lucky, as my first job was at a known company (JobsDB Holdings).

But anyway, this is not tnoodahe main focus of this blog post. It is all about the food called “Shabu-Shabu”. Oops… this is not the drug. This is a Japanese dish that contains sliced beef boiled in water. Additionally, you can add sliced meat of fish and other sea foods, and vegetables, and served with dipping sauces. You can also add some boiled fish balls and noodles. If you love sukiyaki and ramen, you will surely love this too. This Japanese dish may sound expensive, and yeah this could be ordered at very expensive prices in some restaurants, as this dish is one of the best dishes in Japan. But, since you are here in the Philippines, there are ways to enjoy foreign foods like shabu-shabu at a very inexpensive way.

shabu express

Here in the Philippines, the so-called “tinge” matters, especially to those who are among the middle class; marketing foreign foods should have their own affordable versions.

If you want inexpensive shabu-shabu for meryenda or snack, you can go to Shabu-Shabu Express at SM Megamall Food Court (for now, this is the only branch that I know). Shabu-Shabu Express includes noodles, soups, and other toppings. You can choose any toppings that you want for this dish. Usually, people pick the crab sticks and squid with chili. For only PHP. 25-50 (or more, depending on how many toppings and order you would want), you can have your own shabu-shabu dish.

We usually stop here for dinner. When we didn’t have sufficient food budget, we ate here. The price is worth it for middle class such as me, as it can satisfy my cravings. I love the soup, and especially the toppings.

If you want to feel like a Japanese in a few minutes, try this one and for sure, you will not only take one order as this is absolutely delicious.

Once you try it, you’re gonna say, “Shabu Pa!”


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