Dutdutan is coming to town…

The ‘BER’ months have already begun. For sure, there are many events to come. And for the month of September, one of the most anticipated events is the “Dutdutan Tattoo Festival 2013”. If you want to get inked, or just want to see incredible tattoo designs, don’t miss out on Dutdutan.

Many tattoo artists, those who are tattoo fans, those who just want to feel being called “rakista,” those who think they are “astig,” and those who just happen to have time to admire sexy babes are looking forward to the yearly tattoo convention. This is a festival of the tattoo practitioners and enthusiasts. Moreover, those who wish to see the world of tattooing up close are also welcomed.


Dutdutan will be held on September 27-28, 2013 at World Trade Center, Manila. It is open from 12 PM to 2 AM. Admission Fees are: Php. 400 for a 1 Day Pass, and Php. 700 for a 2 Day Pass. P.O.D will be the special guest of this event, and they will be performing live.


So, if you want some additional excitement to your September 2013 memory, don’t miss this event.


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