Reus Es Voluptas, Turpis (You are my guilty pleasure, FILM)

Taking a film course is really expensive. You are lucky if you are born with a silver spoon in your mouth. But for those like me, who have dream of becoming a film director, and want to take a film course, money matters.

Being a professional film director is not easy. Especially, if you are aiming high and want to produce international films. This is the reason why I want to get some units for film. Sadly, even  writing units are very expensive. The tuition fee for film schools usually range from a hundred thousand to million.


If you want a less expensive tuition fee for a film school, probably the best choice is Asia Pacific Film Institute. For a film school, this one is more affordable, compared with other schools. It is accredited by TESDA. When I visited APFI last 2012, the school is located in Ortigas, near POEA. The exact address before was at 185 EDSA, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila.  But when I checked their website today, the address has changed. The school is now located at No. 239 G/F & 2/F Corporate House Building 239 Santolan rd. cor Benitez st., Q.C.

If you want to take some workshops, APFI is offering short programs for Directing, Scriptwriting, Cinematography, Production Design, and Production management. I’m not sure about the rate of these programs, but for sure, it is less expensive compare to other schools as they are accredited by TESDA.

To know more about this film school, visit:


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