My New Story


I’m a book… and someone wrote me.

This post is a bit personal for me. Seeing that the weather is very unreasonable today, and me still going to the office kind of made me think of my definition of life right now. Usually, braving this kind of weather leaves me in a sour mood. But today has been mostly different. I’m quite happy. Here’s why.

I’ve been through a lot in my life. I’ve dealt with success, and tasted bitter failure. All the experiences that I’ve encountered resulted in me creating a personal formula on how to really live. Whether it be redefining yourself, or acquiring new achievements, there is always the factor of having the exact formula for what creates long-term happiness, what creates unhappiness, what creates suffering, and what the antidotes are.

Whether you have multiple personalities, or no personality at all, the ultimate questions is “how do I break through?”

The real question is “what do you break through to?” In essence, all of us at some level, to feel alive, has to feel growth. All of which can be simplified in one word… PROGRESS.

Progress equals happiness; even if you are not where you want to be yet, as long as you are seeing progress or improving, a feeling of fulfillment kicks in. On the other hand, no matter how successful you are… if you feel that you aren’t growing, you feel dead.

images12But before I was able to come to this idea, I first had to create a new story. And when I say story, I mean that I’ve ended the book of my past, and started a new tale that is filled with positive thoughts and unwavering motivation. Easier said than done, right?! Well… NO.

You first have to consider whatever is in your life. Thoroughly look at the areas in your life that you really feel happy about. Think about the points that you are proud of. Realistically, we all have unhappy parts of us, and most often this hinders us from looking at bigger pictures. Once you have found what in your life can be called happiness, cultivate it. Then have a glance at what you’re unhappy about. Combine the happiness and unhappiness, then ask yourself the question, “why?”

antidote_locker_cropAfter that, you can now create your blueprint of life; your new goals and points of growth. Begin to weave your new story by answering the question of “why?” then act upon it. This gives you an idea for an antidote. This will provide you with a remedy for the areas in your life that you are not happy. Self-honesty is important here.

But remember, there will be times when you won’t see your blueprint come to fruition… don’t falter. Sometimes, life drives us into new directions, and adjustments must be made… and every time, remember to ask the question, “why?” Changes create new opportunities that lead to possible growth and improvement.

Anyway, like I said, I been through a lot. And sure enough, I’ve learned to create my new story, and by far… I’m the happiest in all my life.


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