Chito Miranda and Neri Naig: The Sequel

tyuytuytuFranz: “Kyo, have you heard?”

Me: “What?”

Franz: “Another Chito Miranda and Neri N

aig scandal video has been leaked online!”

Me: “Wow! Again?!”

Inner Retard Kyo: “Holy f—-… not another boring amateur porn with tiny d—s and prehistoric-looking @#$%^.”

The Philippine online community… once again… has been treated to a special screening of Chito Miranda’s second attempt at acting. This time, in a much lengthier clip. Probably because the royalties he gained from his first attempt at comedy (which was so well-received by the public and by critics) was enough to

Chito Miranda and Neri Naig

Oh! Look, hon! A new Star Wars sequel is in the works!

fund a second attempt at pulling at our heartstrings.

I have mentioned in my past post that the Chito and Neri scandal was enough cornea-burn for an entire year… but that doesn’t mean that I was asking for a sequel! If this becomes a trilogy… then we might as well create a poll if the sequels are an improvement from the first one.

All kidding aside, the hype of this recent “Chineri” fiasco is much more tamed, compared to the first one. Probably because “WaYosh!” has sucked all the life of the “celeb scandal genre”.

In my youth, I was a huge Parokya ni Edgar fan. And even with all this, I still am. Although I still don’t buy the entire, someone stole a hard drive containing the videos bullcrap of a reason. But then again, thieves usually take their time to spend an amount of their “work” seconds, looking for hard drives in rooms, while being stressed about whether they will be caught (be killed or raped by a friendly pitbull) or not… but that’s just my thought.


Please take us seriously! We are on your case. 🙂

Anyway, I do hope that the couple recovers from this, and the guilty party be brought to justice. But then again, the National Bureau of Investigation is involved in looking for the culprit… and we all know how effective they are… right? (insert sarcastic side comment here)


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