Heavenly Sky: A Simple Thank You

1383200_730529436973895_1965335228_nLast Sunday, October 6, 2013 was my daughter’s baptism. At almost 3 months of age, she has finally entered the Catholic Family… and I know that people who actually know where I stand when it comes to organized religion will most probably sneer at what I’m about to say (my beliefs and opinions will never be forcefully imprinted on my children), but the truth of the matter is, I’m happy that she has been baptized in the Catholic faith. As a father, I couldn’t be more happier, since I really am not that much of a role model to begin with… and seriously, who else is?

1377204_733146106712228_337286194_nThere are actually very few events in our lives that we can actually call a defining moment of our existence. As of now, “being a father,” or at least attempting it has completely taken over my DNA.

First of all, I have never actually considered myself as “father material.” Maybe “fodder material” would be most appropriate before, since there were times when I haven’t actually been doing anything that can be called worthwhile – and worst of all, I didn’t actually care at that time.

20191_694808450545994_2106836728_nThen enter the only woman that has enough balls to say, “yes” to me. My life did a full 180 on me and showed me a much higher purpose for my sweat, snot, blood and tears.

If love can be likened to food, this would be “bacon”. Because who doesn’t love bacon?! Ok, the Jews, the Muslims, the Seventh-Day Adventists, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, and Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria may disagree with me, but you guys get the point. The love that I’ve experienced was universal and inescapable, that I have to give notice to it. This is me simply stating that for the first time in a long time, (and excuse me for my language) I actually give a fuck on what I’ve been doing, and plan on doing for the rest of my life.

547091_10201087947473634_426677000_nLong story short, our love created the only piece of innocence in my life – my daughter, Sky. I mentioned in the beginning that I never saw myself being a responsible father – and quite frankly, the thought of it is still trying to sink in. But this time, I’m doing my best to become one. Even though I know that in the hopefully far-off future, I’d have a stroke from living up to that goal.

I remember my dad doing his best to take care of me during the early years of my life – and now that I’m wearing the same shoe, I can honestly say that it’s a shoe that is hard to fill. I just hope that I’m doing enough… just enough to have my future grown-up daughter pat my back while saying, “Don’t worry dad… I only blame you for 60% of my insanity”.

553724_729213563772149_232246559_nAnyway, I’d like to take this chance to thank those that have taken time off of their hectic schedules, to join us in celebrating this once-in-a-lifetime event. My family and I greatly appreciate your presence, and hopefully it was a memorable experience for all of you, as well.

To my family, both natural and extended… we got another addition to our crazy bunch. Our family is full of dreamers, innovators and leaders… and my only request is for you to guide Sky into the same realm that we live in – the realm of individuality, strength of will, compassion and love… the qualities that keep our family closely-knitted and strong.

994616_4893532155052_1208713191_nTo Sky’s godparents, I thank you for letting us indulge a piece of our responsibility with you. My wife and I are really new to this “being a parent” thing, and admit that we will make mistakes… ok, a lot of mistakes along the way. But with your help, Sky will grow-up into an individual with unlimited potentials, and an immeasurable love and care for everyone.

Well, I guess that’s about it. The only thing left for me to do now is to wake up each morning and look at myself in the mirror, then ask my reflection, “So, what’s next?”



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