Halloween Trivia 2013

halloweenIt’s been a long time since I’ve last done a blog post. Had to go through a lot the past week. So I figured that I’d do the classic obligatory Halloween post for this year.

A few years ago, I’ve done a Halloween Trivia post on a previous blog that I’ve handled, and thought to myself, “wouldn’t it be fun to do another pointless Halloween Trivia post for the the sake of online traffic at the end of the month of October.” If this wasn’t honest enough for you, I don’t know what is.

Just a fair warning… what you are about to read is purely innocent. It’s my comments after every one that is just so so offensive, for the purpose of humor. Read at your own risk.

So, Ghost, Ghouls, Goblins and tax payers, here are this year’s obligatory, traffic generation fueled, SEO glorified Halloween Trivia post!

  • halloween_sceneIt is a known fact that black and orange colors are typically associated with Halloween. But did you know that brown and gold are Halloween colors, as well? No? Well, now you know. Kidding aside, brown and gold stand for the harvest and autumn. Just for the sake of being very obvious, black is a symbol of darkness and death and clearly shows that Halloween was once a celebration of the boundaries between life… and not life.
  • There are more candy sold on October 28th than any other day of the year……………..

Yeah… right, moving on.

  • In Alabama, it’s illegal to dress-up as a priest for Halloween… because nothing scares kids and adults more than clerical clothing.


    Just run when you see this…

  • In Hollywood, there is a $1,000 fine for using Silly String on Halloween. Yes, this one is pretty much the truth. You can’t sell, possess, use or distribute the said party in a can. Maybe because it is combustible, can cause frostbite, and highly lethal to chipmunks. Apparently, people in Hollywood view Silly String as more lethal than toothpastes made in China.
  •  In countries like France and Australia, Halloween is dubbed as an overly commercial American influence, and deemed it an unwanted holiday. The reason for this… well I just cannot say. Let’s leave it at that because I still love having my job.
  • October 30th is National Candy Corn Day. No corny humor is needed here.
  • halloween_moonA full moon on a Halloween night is predicted to occur on 10/31/2020. And because this is a trivia post, and history has shown us that predictions are pretty much let downs, I urge you to ignore and forget this.
  • The great magician Harry Houdini died on Halloween. Well, I guess death is the only thing he wasn’t able to escape from.
  • images1In the UK, white cats are thought to bring bad luck, not like black cats in the US.I beg to disagree… I still think that fat white cats also have brought their fair amount of bad luck in the US. There is such as thing as recession. Bankers, anyone?!
  • There are thousands of people who suffer from Samhainophobia, which is an irrational fear of Halloween. One of which is this guy.
  • imagesdsdsdBarmbrack bread used to be a traditional food eaten on Halloween. Barmbrack bread is similar to US President Barrack Obama in some ways. One is an entity containing various objects and used for fortune-telling games that people think is obsolete and irrelevant, while the other is Barmbrack bread.
  • The world’s largest pumpkin weighed in at 1,872 pounds. After it was displayed on eBay, Angelina Jolie bought and adopted it. It seems the only thing missing on her roster was a chubby ginger kid.

gal-pumpkin2-jpgAnd finally…

  • 01-Camp-Sunshine-Pumpkin-Festival-1Boston, Massachusetts, hold the world record for having the most Jack O’Lanterns lit at once. The total number of lanterns were 30,128. Presumably, residents got their inspiration from the great Boston Fire of 1872.

Well, that’s about it. By the way, if you have found offense in anything written here, may I just say, “You’re Welcome!” Being offended proves that you really need to lighten-up, have a coke and a smile, and stop reading trivia like this on the internet for the sake of giving meaning to your empty existence.


Happy Halloween Everyone! 🙂


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