A Year Happy And Counting

A year has passed since I’ve opened a new chapter in my life. A year since I actually have no thought as to where I’d drive myself to; which wall I’d like to slam myself against, and how much burden I’m willing to bear to make my life meaningful.

Every individual longs to be happy, but not everyone are sure of where their true happiness lies. Some might even come into the mentality that their happiness requires attaining something of value, while others measure it with the depth of their successes.

Well, I have lost quite a lot of myself over the span of a year. No longer am I free to be careless and irresponsible. I have lost the right to dare to be stupid. But these are the freedoms that I have gladly relinquished.

Sacrifices are needed to be made in order for one to reap the joy of gain, but this meant so much more to me.

But surrendering the foolish freedoms that I once had, I was able to gain a partner, a friend, and most of all, a life – all rolled into one.

So, indulge me this chance to thank you, Sarah, for giving me something to strive for. Thank you for giving me the most beautiful angel on earth (Sky). Thank you for putting up with my messed-up personality, and accepting me for all my flaws and failings. And finally, thank you for loving me and letting me be a permanent part of your existence.

So strong, she greeted giving birth with a smile. :D

So strong, she greeted giving birth with a smile. 😀

With all our ups and downs over the past year, thank you for a marriage that’s certainly isn’t boring. Marrying you was the first time that I was able to say to myself that I’m doing alright.

Now that I’ve gotten all that out. Let me renew my vows. “Infinity is not enough to show you how much I love you. So let me continue trying to exceed it. You are the strongest woman I know, and the remedy to my weak heart.” I love you and Sky so much. Happy 1st year anniversary to us, Sarah Mae D. Tejares!


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