New Year 2014

Wow! The year passed by so quickly. And as 2013 comes to a close, some of us will exercise our right of self-delusion by creating our traditional New Year’s Resolution; Traditional being, that we just brought back the same resolutions as last year’s. Let’s face it… Everything looks good and easy on paper, otherwise we don’t have to create a new but same list every year. Also there is a point where we are all redered with the obligation of reviewing the year that was spent. This makes a lot more sense to me.

Most often, one would count their blessings, while for others it will be a time to reflect on how they have affected other lives. But one thing is for certain, everything just becomes a memory.

I’ve mentioned it earlier that its an obligation to review the year and how it has been spent, and it is wise to do so. Speaking for myself, there are a lot of things, events and people that I’m grateful for. Whether good or bad, Everything that has happened, happened. So let me just indulge in this moment and recall what has gone down, so far.

This year marked the point in my life where I became both a husband and a father; an experience that has both been a challenge and a welcomed eye-opener for me. Also, managed to gain a much better foothold in my career and what I want to do with the rest of my life. Responsibility is no longer… excuse me for the term… a bitch. It has become a bestfriend and an ally in my everyday life. Through it I’ve learned to love others and myself even better. I’ve gained the advantage of demanding more of myself, and appreciative of the care shown to me by others.

Now, 2013 – let me take this time to thank you. Amidst the tragedies and attrocities that struck our country, you have taught us the value of compassion, and through it, somehow restored my faith in humanity. Thank you for strengthing the bond that our family has, and thank you for mere acquiantances that I now have the honor of calling friends. Thank you for a much stabler me in all aspects. And most of all… Thank you for my loving wife, Sarah, and my ever so cute daughter, Sky. They are my pride and joy, and this year gave me a chance to start memories with them.

Now, as for my message to 2014 – We’ve just waved goodbye to 2013 with our heads still held high… You better play nice!

Happy New Year, everyone! 🙂


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