Back to Ortigas!

New year, new work, new world… It’s been six years since I left Ortigas and transferred to Makati. I worked  at 88DB which was originally located at Taipan Building,  Emerald Avenue. On Monday, I will be back again in Ortigas as I will start working at Bluewave, located at Philippine Stock Exchange building.

I am excited but at the same time, I feel nervous because I do not know if my new colleagues will like me, and it is also a new environment for me; meaning, another adjustment and some minor changes that may come along my way.

I prepared some requirements that I need before I finally come aboard. However, I have not yet undergone medical examination because I have a monthly period. If I undergo urinalysis test, the result may show I have bacteria or I have infection of that period. So I will be back  at the clinic next week for the urinalysis test.

I hope I will stay longer and continue my career growth to the new company! AJA



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