Gloomy Monday

gloomy weather

I failed to update this blog once a week. I’ve been so busy since the day I started working as Social Media Copywriter in the new company  (my new office is located in Ortigas by the way).

So far, I have enjoyed every moment, and I already adapted the office culture. I can’t say my job is easy because we have deadlines and I need a lot of patience with some online users, but overall, it is manageable. We have a cool manager and I can talk to her anytime.

Today, I feel under weather because of flu and cough. I am not totally cured and I feel sleepy maybe because of the medicines I took this morning.

I drunk 2 cups of coffee but I found these were not enough to keep me awake. So how’s my Monday? Let’s say it is gloomy and I feel don’t like going to work. However, the reality wakes me up and give me motivation to work.

Overall, I have no reason to be lazy because I’ve been given a chance to have a stable job and prove my worth. I don’t want to lose this opportunity anymore. So even I feel sick, I am still motivated to go to work because I am one of the lucky people who have a job.


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