Skinny Coffee: Day 1 and 2

On Monday,  Oct.  3, I started taking one sachet of Skinny Coffee.  I haven’t seen any changes yet because I just started.

On day 2, Tuesday,  Oct.  4, I woke up early (4:00 a.m) to stretch and exercise.  After 30 mins.  of exercising,  I drunk a cup of Skinny Coffee. I did not eat anything as I am not hungry, surprisingly.

By the way, the taste of the coffee is good with a bit of herb.  I’m a not an expert when it comes to herbs,  but this is not the first time to try a coffee with herbs.

I got 5 sachets for 200 pesos.  After five days,  I will let you know if I will continue taking this coffee.  So far, everything is good and I feel so energize. What I notice today is I don’t feel hungry at all.  Small portion of food is enough.


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