Skinny Coffee Trial Day 4: Level Up Workout

Same routine. Stretch and exercise, then a cup of Skinny Coffee.

It tried wall pushups and squats, 3 sets per workout. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do crunches because I want to avoid too much exhaustion because I have an office work.

So for today, 3 sets of wall pushups, squats, and 15 minutes of waist trimmer plate exercise. I feel some minor pain on my arms and tummy, maybe because I stopped working out after I gave birth (I am not sure).

For tomorrow, I will try 3 sets of pelvic lifts. On weekends, I’ll add 3 sets of lunges and mountain climber exercise. By the way, I got this idea after I watch the video below. As mentioned earlier, I stopped working out after I gave birth, and I don’t want to push myself to do such hardcore exercise as it may lead to much exhaustion, and I don’t want that to happen because I have a work in Ortigas. Aside from that, I don’t want to discourage myself by forcing to do all the workouts that I’ve done when I am a single.

The effect of Skinny Coffee is good so far. My coffee intake (non-Skinny Coffee) lessen because I am not craving for more. A black coffee is enough.

There are times that I am craving for more although I feel full. However, so far, I can still manage to control my cravings.

Tomorrow I will give more updates and the full review.

(Disclaimer: I am not a fitness expert. I am just an ordinary employee who want to lose weight in healthy way.)


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